We Create JEWELRY To Make Women Feel Beautiful

SalPearl.. Modern, Elegant and meaningful jewelry

Our Jewelry is meant to be worn everyday and not to be stored in a jewelry box. This is why we avoid fleeting fashion trends and focus more to natural look for our design inspiration. Each piece is HANDMADE to empower women ..

” To make them feel beautiful, strong, worthy”



I’m Salmah Hj Maming, and I am a huge believer that women take on way too much and don’t do enough to take care of themselves … my self included.

I started Salpearl with the idea that wanted to make other women feel beautiful and empowered. I wanted to live on my passion and my purpose.. and most of all, I wanted other women to see that anything is possible if you are willing to work for it.

As a first post and the new introduction to the new chapter of Salpearl, this is the first series of stories behind the layers.. stories of daily inspiration…


The Salpearl team creates modern, meaningful and minimalist jewelry. Not only is each piece handmade.. but it’s made by women, for women and to empower women. Every product is packed with custom code.. making every single piece of the product special.

Mask Extender

There are two types of people in this world.. those who prefer pearls and those who dont. For all my pearl lovers out there, this mask extender is a must. It adds the element of class without being flashy. Mask Extender for face mask that look beauty and elegant and keep your mask on for your own safety and you will still look gorgeous.. This strand of cultured pearls and crystals adds an elegant twist to any mask and look like a pearl bracelet from behind.



Mask Extender.. add a little fun and style to your mask with our new product. This beautiful and delicate Mask Extender is made of handmade wire wrapped chain with fresh water pearl, accessories and crystal.

Hijab Pins

Check out our Hijab pins selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shop.

Stunning silver sparkling dangle hijab Pin with accessories and cultured pearl. This statement piece adds a sparkle to any hijab style and a feminine touch to any outfit.

All products come nicely crafted and wrapped . It’s ready for gift giving.

Hijab Pin

Baroque pearl hijab pin with drop charm .. will be packaged beautifully.. Ready to ship

Colors of physical products may look different than what appears on your screen.

PLEASE NOTE.. the handcrafted nature of this product will produce minor differences in design, sizing and weight.


This kind of brooch is a fun way to accent your clothes, hijab (tudung)and shawl as a accessory. This handmade brooch from salpearl offer a floral and classic design made from Freshwater Pearl, Baroque Pearl and mother of Pearl.

PLEASE NOTE.. the handcrafted nature of this product will produce minor differences in design, sizing and weight.

Hair Pin

adorn your hair with these freshwater pearl plus crystal hair pin. Our hair pin accessories are limited edition.. This glistening hair pin creates a definition that beautifully anchors your hair up-do.

Pearl Bracelet

Salpearl Jewelry is made with love. we hand-craft each piece of jewelry in our work station using high quality materials without the crazy mark-ups.

Stunning fresh water pearl bracelet adds a touch of elegance to a dainty wrist at an affordable price. Different fresh water pearl are use .. baroque pearl, coins pearl, stick pearl, potato pearl and rice pearl.

Note.. Because all of the piece in this shop are handcrafted, some details might vary from what is shown on the website.





Where it all started :

I began making jewelry as a hobby. I became enamored with pearl, bead, gemstones and different metals… sketching out designs and bringing them to life with my hands. soon friends and family members began asking me to make them pieces too… and I did. I would see people wearing my creations and the satisfaction was beyond rewarding. I loved hearing that they felt beautiful wearing my jewelry!!!

It was then that I decided that I wanted to share my jewelry with the world.. that I wanted to build my own jewelry brand. I began learning new jewelry making skills.. reading books, practicing different techniques. As my passion grew.. and I started out of this crazy journey… SALPEARL journey began..

My story is what developed Salpearl .. it’s a story of passion. Each piece of jewelry I make is a story for women who are going through.. have gone through.. or may have a severe challenge in their lives.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing in this journey with me.. for helping me to make Salpearl reality..

With gratitude each and every day..

Salmah Hj Maming.


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Adalah blog salpearl yang banyak berkongsi cerita-cerita tentang fakta mengenai Mutiara, jenis-jenis Mutiara, Cara penjagaan Mutiara di samping itu terselit juga cerita-cerita menarik tentang pengalaman penulis sendiri apabila menghadapi mahupun berdepan dengan pelbagai jenis karenah pelanggan. Begitu juga , diselitkan cerita tentang kehidupan harian yang sentiasa membawa pelbagai pengalaman baru dalam kehidupan penulis.


Adalah pelbagai jenis himpunan aksesori yang dibuat, cipta dan design sendiri oleh pemilik salpearl. 90 peratus daripada produk ini adalah handmade dan limted edition.   

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