About Us


Our Mission


We are more than just a jewelry brand. We are designer and staff who are committed to supporting and empowering women. Our mission is to employ and support other women to follow and live their passions.


Our Design

The goal in each of our design is to make women feel beautiful, strong and confident. Each piece of jewelry we create tells a story, a story of the many roles that women play. Stories of motherhood, friendship, milestones, accomplishments, success, struggles and love.

Our jewelry is meant to be worn everyday, not stored in a jewelry box. This is why we avoid fleeting fashion trends and instead look to natural and the world around us for design inspiration.


our experience


Our founder, Salmah Hj Maming, has over 18 years of experience in jewelry industry. Her passion of empowering women transcends into every aspect of brand.. from the jewelry to service.


Growth / Success

We have had great success and sales in our current retail location, and we keep growing. Who knows where this journey will take us.. but we know it is somewhere amazing!


Customer Service

We want every person whom we work it to have an incredibly positive experience. We thrive on positivity and spreading it to others. Our Mission isn’t to get you to bought Salpearl item just once. We want sales to be so great that you need to reorder regularly!! 



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